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Timeline of Events 
at the Exodus

in Bible Prophecy

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For the full chart of dates surround the Exodus period see,
"Timeline of Events Surrounding the Exodus"




The following is based upon the principle that "a day can equal a year". In this adaptation of this well-known principle, the New Year at the time of the Exodus, (Spr. of 1446 BC, Nisan/Abib 1st). This day corresponds to, symbolically speaking, as AD 1, and therefore the next day, Nisan 2nd, as AD 2, and so forth. 

This very simple truth unlocks much of the mystery surrounding the Bible numbers and interacts with the much larger timeframes of the bible that spans through the ages. This adaptation of the common day-year principle is discussed at length in the following document: "Each day equals a consecutive year/date of time."  

(Note: The Israelites began counting their years from the New Year of the Exodus in the same way we today count from the birth of Christ as from AD 1, cf., Ex. 12:2; 1Kings 6:1.)



Bible-Prophecy Calendar
# 1 # 3 # 5 # 6 # 8 # 10 # 12 # 14 # 16 # 17 # 20 # 21
Mosaic Covenant
Moses up
then up
Down mount with Tabernacle instructions Taber-
sent out
Day of 
15 60+  64
146 361 410 450 490 550 554
Examples of Numeric Patterns
70x7 (490) days to column #14 7x7 (49) days to column #5 (7x50) 350, 390, 430, (7x70) 490 to #14,#16,#14, #20

(cf., #3)

70x7 (490) to #21  
{7 days on mount is 490 in parallel to 7 days tabernacles, thus, 483 days too}
(i.e., half-430)
 to #12
 (49) to #14, and 190 (of LXX) to #20

(cf., #10)

70x2 to #20

(Cf., #5, #12)

(Cf., #5) (cf., #1, #5,) (Cf., # 5, #12, #14) (Cf., #6)
Daniel 9:24 Daniel 9:25 Daniel 9:24, Ezekiel 4:1-11  Daniel 9:24-27 Ezekiel 4:1-11 (LXX) Daniel 9:24 Lev. 23:26-32;
Lev. 23:33-44
    Moses born 350th year of captivity; fled Egypt 390th, delivered Israel after 430. 
Judah falls 430x2 years later fulfilling Ezekiel's prophecy of (350) 390--430 day/years.
 490x3 years later was the start of Christ's ministry.
(cf., # 5)
Part of complex 'mirroring' pattern of 390, 430 days. This great pattern is examined below. Tabernacle construction  begins on 7x7x3 day of year (#11). It is completed 7x7 days before leaving Sinai.   70x2 is part of 70x7 series of Daniel 9:24.     This was also, "The Day of Jubilee" occurring every 7x7 years. This would have been the start of the jubilee cycles if Israel had not rebelled.  


Two other significant patterns that are not in the above chart are: 

"The day equals a consecutive year/date of time" principle. Rough copy

(Click here for more on the "day equals a consecutive year/date of time" principle.)

The greatest of all patterns is well hidden, and is the key that unlocks the mysterious purpose for these patterns. These patterns interlock with the all of history so as to bind together biblical narratives by years intersecting with like days. Jesus Christ is the center of this great puzzle, and for this reason the following is true: 

Each day count in the above table also represents a date. Day 15 (when they left Egypt) signifies AD 15; Day 410 (when they left Mount Sinai) signifies AD 410, and so on. This sort of thing holds true for the dates given by the prophet Ezekiel---and indeed, for all the bible. The author of this document has studied this phenomena for many thousands of hours, and is also certain of it by the Holy Spirit. The phenomena is entirely consistent on every level of study. Moreover, the dates given in AD consistently act like a mirror to dates in BC. For example, AD 410 would be the mirror of 410 BC,  and AD 450 would be the mirror of 450 BC. In our chart, Day 410 and 450 were the days when they left Mount Sinai, and when they were about to enter the Land, but instead spied it out the land. 430 from 18 BC/AD to 413 BC/AD "three day journeys from Egypt and Sinai. (also see 430 x2), and the seven day ordination to 7 day at mount Sinai with covenant and offerings are also 430---same pattern as Ezekiel. Also see 390 and 215, etc. (For multiple examples of the use of "430 days" within the dates surrounding the Exodus, click here!)

The symbolic day/years are true throughout time, and are connected to one another by biblical numbers. For instance, the 3840-year cycle is made up of 8 units of 480 years each, and 480 years are in turn made up of 12 generations of 40 years, (1Kgs 6:1). Moreover, within every 480-year period there accumulates exactly 1260 plus 1260  leap days, (Revelation 11-12). Moreover, 3840 years is broken down as 1260 + 1290 + 1260 years, (Daniel 12 and Revelation 12). All of these are bible numbers. The "4000" cycle is simply a generation times a generation since the bible puts a generation at 40 or 100 years. (Note "4th generation in Egypt" as 160 and/or 400 years, [God promised Abraham, "You will be in a strange land not your own 400 years," it ended up being 430 however (Exodus 12:40); hence, the exact 1876 BC date and the round figure of 1846 BC for when they entered Egypt. This 30-year difference between 1876 BC and 1846 BC stands for 30 days, and it represents, then, a leap month added, or omitted at that juncture. Days are intersecting years of equal value as do all the bible numbers in this massive clock!]

The same thing is repeated between AD 1965 and 1995. Ponder 2006 BC (Jacob's birth), and 160 years to 1846 BC (40-year generation x 4), and 400 years more to exodus (100-year generation x 4). As said, 2006 BC and 1846 BC begin the 4000 and 3840 cycles respectively. Amazingly, Abraham was born 160 years before Jacob in 2166 BC!) Also, 1876 and 1846 BC are 1290 and 1260 days respectively to 586 BC, (Daniel 12, Revelation 12). (586 BC is the fall of Jerusalem and exile back to Egypt (and Babylon). (Recall 3840-cycle as 1260 + 1290 + 1260 years, etc.) This means that from the fall of Jerusalem unto AD 1995 was 1290 x 2 (or to 1965 was 1260 + 1290 days). Thus, AD 1995 was both 4000 and 3840 years from 2006 and 1846 BC respectively. (Moreover, 1260 is 400 + 430 + 430 and 1290 is 430 x 3, Ezekiel 4.)

Since 1290 x 2 (and 1260 + 1290 years/days) are biblical numbers, hence the day year grid that exists at the entry into Egypt (1876 BC) and at the exodus (1446 BC), and at the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC is also forwarded to AD 1965 and 1995 by units of either 430 years, or 1260/1290 years---in this case both! Thus, Nisan 1 of the 360 calendar symbolized as AD 1 in 1876, 1446, and 586 BC, and also, therefore, in AD 1965 and 1995. This day/year grid was accompanied by many cosmic signs in 1962 (Feb. 4/5th---solar eclipse, unusual planetary alignment, and bright comet sighted---all on this day aligning precisely to the very hour [Jerusalem time] of what we speak!) to 1965 (brightest comet of century--3.5 years later), and again in 1991/2 to 1995, about which we cannot detail now. {See the 1260 + 1290 days between Ezekiel's symbolic siege of Jerusalem unto the actual, and then the same in years later. The heavenly signs occur at the dead center of the 1260 + 1290 days forwarded by the same in years, as on the symbolic day/year 'evening' of 1133/2 BC [or, 1163/2 BC]) I.e. 1133 days later is literal Nisan 1, AD 1965 which then symbolizes as AD 1. Ezekiel's seven-day call on Tam 5-12, 593 BC (and then 430-day symbolic siege, "a day for each year"), plus seven years of the 360 calendar = 1260 + 1290 days = Tam 5-12, 586 BC. Since Tam 5-12 is the 95-102nd day from the religious New Year of Nisan 1 in 586 BC, (as dated in Ezekiel 40), hence that week represents AD 95-102. Seven years (1260 + 1290 days) before that represents as symbolic day/year 2456-2449 BC. Or, if unadjusted by the leap month as 2426 - 2419 BC. The exact middle of this week plus the exact middle of the seven years equals as 1133/1132 BC (or perhaps 1163/2 BC). Either date is the exact center. 

Eclipse planetary alignment 1962 Feb 5 and comet


Symbolic dates are forwarded by 1260 + 1290 literal years from the dates of Ezekiel
(Note that all dates of Ezekiel can be utilized)
Ezekiel's seven-day call forwarded 1260 + 1290 literal years, 
(and start of 430-day symbolic siege, "a day for each year,"
 Ezekiel 4)
Total eclipse in 1962, Feb 5, 2am (Jerusalem time)
 (Or late Feb 4th for peak alignment; also discovery of very bright comet "Seki-Lines" by two separate people.)
End of literal siege by Babylonians forwarded 1260 + 1290 literal years
Literal date = Tam 5-12 593 BC
and forwarded to AD 1958 
Literal date = Tev/Sheb 5-12 589 BC
and forwarded to AD 1962 (Feb 4)
(Hence, Tev/Sheb 9 of 360 calendar)
Literal date = Tam/Av 5-12, 586 BC 
(City fell the "night" of Av 9) 
and is forwarded to AD 1965 
as 2456 - 2449 BC + 3˝ days
plus 1290 days ====>
as very early 1162 BC 
plus 1260 days ====>
or 1290 days ====>
as AD 95-102 +/- 3˝ days
(City fell as very late AD 98 or early 99)
(or, plus 30 days to when the temple fell = 1290 days too)
 as 2426 - 2419 BC + 3˝ days
plus 1260 (or 1290) days ====>
as very early 1132 or 1162 BC
plus 1260 days ====>
or 1290 days ====>
same as above



(Concerning the "1260 + 3˝ days," see Revelation 12.) The above chart reveals that the 30 days and years (to 1995) of the great cycle of 3840 years are being emphasized by the heavenly signs. Days and years (and weeks) of the same value are intersecting each other in several ways! 

But there is more. For instance, in the mirror, the call of Ezekiel (and his subsequent 430-day siege patterned after the 430-years in Egypt) happens to be 4300 day-years to AD 1845-1875, the mirror of 1876 to 1846 BC, which is where the 3840 cycle begins! etc. Thus we have the annunciation in the heavens concerning the last 30 years ('month') of the great 3840 and 4000-year cycles, which in turn is a way of saying that Jesus is coming soon. The heavenly signs are like the midnight chimes in Gods great clock that spans ages eternal. (There are a great number of 430-year patterns being used in the dates of Ezekiel, but we cannot elaborate them now. Moreover, the dates in the book of exodus and indeed all the dates in the bible are working along this same grid. Even the heavens are arrayed largely according to it. (Example, precession last 25800 years, which is 12900 x 2 or 60 x 430 years.) 

These heavenly signs are simply part of the cycles and rhythms of the great heavenly clock God has set in the heavens that proclaims Jesus as Lord, (Genesis 1:14). They have nothing to do with horoscopes and the like, though the bible does mentions the name of some constellations as figurative of things, but their exact identities are hopelessly lost. We can only speculate about these things and perhaps ask whether during the future tribulation period God might use the existing understanding of the constellations in their corrupted mythological form to nevertheless mercifully speak to a rebellious world? They may not have the Bible, but they do have the stars. In any case, horoscopes and the charting of ones life by the stars is expressly forbidden in the bible. We can only know what we know, and whatever we don't know about the heavens one can rest assured that it, too, is a revelation about Yeshua (Jesus), and all else is completely incidental.

The same grid is also being forwarded from the fall of Jerusalem, not just as 1290 + 1290 and 1290 + 1260 years, but also by 1260 + 1335 years, (Daniel 12, Revelation 12, cf., Daniel 9:24-27). This makes Nisan (360 calendar) of AD 2010 to be as AD 1 as well---15 years above 1995, and 45 years above 1965. The recent events in the news have been unfolding chiefly along this new grid as the other grid fades out as it becomes distant. (Amazing, the previous points are still used and like the great symmetrical wheels of Ezekiel's chariot, they do not jostle one another.) For example, when the dates of Ezekiel are forwarded by the said 1260 + 1335 years (both bible numbers) the great tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004 occurred on the symbolic day/year of as 1877 BC. The next day (Dec. 27) was as 1876 BC. This is the year that Jacob entered Egypt 430 years until 1446 BC. It also happens that 1260000 days to the day before that was the exodus (and thus 10th and last plague upon Egypt) on the 360 calendar in literal 1446 BC. (See Revelation 12). It also happens that there is a possible plus 30-day from when the Exodus occurred on the 360 calendar, (as mentioned below). This means that there could also be 1260000 days to the symbolic date of 1846 BC, which is when this revelation is coming to me, (for that is what it is), which in turn gives me confidence that the heavenly signs of 1962 are not my imagination but inspired (loosely speaking) by God. For who could arrange such things but Him? Moreover, the sustaining manna began exactly one month after the exodus (Exodus 16), which agrees again with Revelation 12 about "the women being sustained in the desert 1260 days," about which scholars agree that it refers to the exodus and the giving of the manna 40 years in the wilderness! Much more could be said, but that is enough said for this article. (Click here for more.)

Moreover, the dates in Ezekiel are unique in that not only is 586 BC Nisan 1 presented as the beginning of the year counts, (I.e. in the 5th year of our captivity..."), but actual the year that Ezekiel personally went into Exile are especial emphasized. (In the numbers, what lacks in one way will be buttressed in another for balance.) That year began Nisan 597 BC---11 years before the 586 Nisan 1st dating system. (Hence, Ezekiel, by the Holy Spirit, used these two systems. See Ezekiel 1 and 40 for examples.) This 11-year difference means that the numbers before mentioned in the book of Ezekiel can all be set back by 11 years, which on the 360 calendar equals 3990 or 4020 days. What is totally amazing is that both sets of numbers perfectly complement one another! 

For example, the call of Ezekiel in Tam 5, 593 BC, reads, as said, as 2426 or 2456 BC. (An aside, note both numbers plus cycles of 490's to the exodus to Christ [49 x 50] with its said minus seven of the week of Ezekiel's call). 2426 or 2456 BC becomes up 3990/4020 days (11 years) as said, so that 2426 or 2456 BC becomes as AD 1565, which is 430 x 8 to 1876 BC, times 7 to the exodus of 1446 BC, times 5 to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC, etc. Then when we add the 430 days of Ezekiel's symbolic siege (or the 1290 x 2 (430 x 6) to the end of the real one), we begin to realize how awesome a demonstration of the power of god we are looking at. For everything about everything in the numbers comes with at least 2 or 3 witnesses to it. there are no exceptions. (Note especially that the end of Ezekiel's' 430-day siege is either 1996 (or 2026) BC or AD 1995 (or AD 1965)---the year of the 3840 and 4000 cycles again, and of the 430's.) The patterns are endless.


For the full chart of dates surround the Exodus period see, "Timeline of Events Surrounding the Exodus"

Click here for more on the "day equals a consecutive year/date of time" principle.

See notes at bottom of page for the exact dates of where the 360 calendar lands. 

Also see, "1290-thousand Days from The Day of Moses' Birth" unto Names Code.

Click here for more on the principle that "Each day equals a consecutive year/date of time".

More, see bible-numbers-revelation-key.
Also see the day/year grid and the timing of the exodus. 



Above Table Detailed


Column #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

The (first)
(1446 BC)

Select Lamb/

Exodus from Egypt

 of Sin

Mount Sinai

Sprinkling of blood of Sinai covenant


01/01/10 and 14th






Day 1 (incl.)
(Day '0' excl.)

Day 10 and 14

Day 15

Day 45

Day 61 (incl.)
(Day 60 excl.)

Day 64

Exodus 12:2; 12:40-41 Exodus 12:2-6 Exodus 12:51 Exodus 16:1 Exodus 19:1 Exodus 19:11; 24:4; 24:1-11

First day of the new datum for counting the years.

I.e., The first day of the first year.





Day 15-21 = 7 days of unleavened bread. (Exodus 13:6.)

Day 16 = first-fruits, plus 49 days (7 x 7) until Pentecost (Lev. 23:9-14).

Intermediate stop en route to Mt Sinai.

Manna begins.

Day 61 is assumed to have just begun, (i.e., just after evening).

Climax of journey. Law and terms of covenant given given over next 350 days.

Occurs 3˝ days after arrival at Mount Sinai.

Lunar cal.

Day 1 (incl.)
(Day '0' excl.)

Day 10 and 14

Day 15

Day 45

Day 60 (incl.)
(Day 59 excl.)

Day 63



Column #7 Column #8 #9 #10 #11

Moses ascends mount 40 days to receive law on tablets of stone, etc.

(1445 BC)

Moses comes down mount

Golden calf

Moses ascends mount second time for 40 days

Moses descends

Building of tabernacle furnishings begins







Day 65 (incl.) 
Day 64 (excl.) (p.m.?)

Day 104 (p.m.?)

Day 106 (a.m.)

Day 146 (a.m.)

Day 147

Exodus 24:12-18 Exodus 32 Exodus 32:30; 34:2,28 Exodus 34:27-35 Exodus 35

Day 64 ending to day 71 (day 70 of lunar) are the 7 days "the glory of God" covered the Mount. Moses ascends into the cloud on the 7th day and stays 33 more days, a total of 40 days on the Mount.

Day 65 is the day of Pentecost; counted 49 days after first fruits, Exodus 34:22. This is supported by Jewish tradition and New Testament inference. (The Pentecost of Acts 1, i.e., "tongues of fire," and "a sound like mighty wind," show that the tradition of the Law as given to Moses on Pentecost was also held by the New Testament.) Moreover, even without tradition, Exodus 24:12-18 would place it no more than a day or two earlier.

Jewish tradition places golden calf on 01/04/17 of lunar cal. [16th, if by Bible-Prophecy cal.]
















Lunar cal.

Day 64 (65?) (incl.)
Day 63 (64?) (excl.) (p.m.?)

Day 103 (p.m.?)

Day 105 (a.m.)

Day 144 (a.m.)

Day 145



Column #12 #13 #14 #15 #16

Tabernacle assembled, then cloud covers tabernacle
(1445 BC)

Census taken

Leave Sinai: Cloud lifts from tabernacle

Camp rests after 3-days journey

Send out 12 spies







Day 361

Day 391

Day 410

Day 413

Day 449-450 (p.m.)


Exodus 40:1,17,34, Numbers 9:15-23 Numbers 1:1-3 Numbers 9:15-23; 10:11 Numbers 10:33-36 Numbers 13:1-24

Plus 7 (and 8) days ordination of sons of Aaron., Lev. 8:33; 9:1. 

Instructions about Jubilees, etc., given sometime over next 49 days. 

Passover celebrated second time, Numbers 9.

All males 20 years and under counted.

Next 40 days based upon the total of the data supplied us, taken literally as is, and confirmed by Jewish tradition, and the prophet Ezekiel; i.e., 3 + 30 + 7 days = 40 days, (40˝?) from day 410 till day 450. (See next two columns.)

Israelites complain about manna---get quail 30 days (Numbers 11).
Miriam sins, camp does not move for 7 more days, Num 12.

Pentecost would have been day 425.

Day 449 is according to Jewish tradition, but day  is more accurate. (See previous row.) The same conflict occurs for the date of the fall of Jerusalem's temple---tradition has Av. 9, but the prophet Jeremiah says Av. 10, (Jeremiah 52:12). Importantly, both these dates are the anniversaries of when the spies came back with the evil report---in agreement with the prophet Ezekiel, who ties all these events together, (ch. 4; 24:15-27).

[Note: According to Deuteronomy 1:2, Israel should have journeyed to the border of the promised land from Sinai in 11 days---but did not. If they had, it would have been on the one-year anniversary of their arrival at Mt. Sinai; hence, God intended Israel to cross the Jordan on Pentecost (day 425). See footnote for more.]

Lunar cal.

Day 356

Day 386

Day 405

Day 408

Day 442-443 (p.m.)



Column #17 #18 #19 #20 #21

12 spies return with "evil report"
(1445 BC)

Presume to enter land


Day of Atonement

Seven-day Feast Tabernacles







Day 489-490 (p.m.) 

Day 490-491

Day 541 (incl.)

(Day 540 excl.)

Day 550 

Day 555-561 (incl. of 555)

(Day 562 = 02/07/22)

Numbers 13:25-33 Numbers 14:1, 25, 40 Lev. 23:23-25;  Numbers29:1-6 Lev. 16; 23:26-32; 
Numbers 29:7-11
Exodus 23:16b; 34:22b; Lev. 23:33-36,39-43; Numbers29:12-38; Deuteronomy 16:13-12

(See previous column.)

It is possible that this day is the same as the 40th day of spying (14:1), but note verse 25.

(Likely, first time observed.)

An assembly called---and day of rest with trumpet blasts, etc.

(Later: Rosh Hashanah---New Year's Day)


(First time observed.)

Solemn rest day when sins are atoned for by high priest.

Jubilee (every 49 years, Lev. 25:8-55; 27:17-24) was proclaimed on this day. Jubilee cycles were intended to commence from this date, but were delayed 39 more years (i.e., 1406 BC) because of unbelief.

Memorialize the journey from Egypt to Canaan by living in booths (tabernacles). 

Also, to give thanks for produce of the land once they entered.

(The 8th day was a special Sabbath, i.e., "day 562.")

Lunar cal.

Day 482-483 (p.m.)

Day 483-484

Day 533 (incl.)

(Day 532 excl.)

Day 542 

Day 547-553 (incl. of 547)

(Day 554 = 02/07/22)


For the full chart of dates surround the Exodus period see,
"Timeline of Events Surrounding the Exodus"

Pentecost: The day God intended Israel
to enter the Promised Land. An amazing pattern! Part 'B'

A detailed look at the amazing "430" "490" pattern within the above timeline




A few technical notes:


Further Details, and the Importance of the Dates in the Book of Ezekiel:

Each day as we move through time symbolizes a specific year of time on our calendar, and this has been so since the beginning of time. Each day represents a year. As our days elapse, so do the symbolic years. Upon every 40-years the main grid of day-years resets itself. However, dates within a particular 40-year grid can also be forwarded in time by certain biblical time frames, such as 1260 + 1260 years, or of late, 1260 + 1335 years, Dan. 12. However, there are anomalies to the 40-year grid that occur when the bible itself begins a new datum, that is, the beginning of a new countdown of years, like our BC and AD. This occurred twice in the book of Ezekiel. Dates recorded in the book of Ezekiel are repeating themselves in our time 1260 + 1335 literal years later. The book of Ezekiel was the key to discovering the time-grids. 

However, the dates in Ezekiel are more complex than normal 40-year cycles for that period because all events dated in the book of Ezekiel are dated from two exiles to Babylon, Ezekiel's in 597 BC, and the main one in 586 BC. There are 11 years between the two spring New Years on the 360 calendar -- that is, between 597 and 586 BC -- which amounts to 4020 days. {11 x 360 days, plus two leap months of 30-days that occurred during this 11 years, equals 4020 days.} In another document, we talk about this 4020 days because 4020 days is what converts to 4020 symbolic years of time. 

But to repeat, the normative symbolic day-years run along a grid that began with the rounded Creation date of 4006 BC and the literal Exodus date of 1446 BC. For the past many years there has been no reason to concern ourselves with the ongoing 40-year grid that repeats itself endless, simply because the girds have overlapped themselves so as to make the 40-year grid redundant. For example, 4006 BC to 1995 was 6000 years. or the 150th 40-year cycle, or the 86th 40-year cycle from the Exodus from Egypt in 1446 BC. However, 1995 also happened to be 1290 + 1290 years from 586 BC, the time frame mentioned in Daniel 12. Moreover, note the "430-year" cycles from Ex. 12:40-41. (See, "The Mount Carmel Forest Fire" for a practical modern-day example of how these time lines work.)



Click here for more on,
  "A day equals a consecutive year/date of time" principle.

Also: A day can equal a year  (-2-)


The dates in Ezekiel can also be reduced to symbolic day-years. 

This chart does not speak about that, but is helpful for one to work them out themselves.
Eventually, I will put them in myself.

Ezekiel-seige-jerusalem.gif (29607 bytes)



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