The Temple and 1260 days Bible Prophecy

Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains
and comparing them with Bible-Prophecy time spans


The Breakdown of the Dimensions
 of Each Curtain/Covering 


(Based on Exodus 26)


First layer: The linen (first layer) curtain that covered the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place was an exact 1260 square feet for the Holy Place, and another 1260 for the Most Holy Place! (As you pointed out in your informative letter).

Next three layers: There is another important symbolic breakdown of actual material used for the other three curtains/coverings: 600 square cubits covered the "Most Holy Place," and 660 (+ 60) square cubits covered the adjacent "Holy Place." The number 6 is being emphasized, which signifies the number of man. (Note: 1320 is 660 + 660). Moreover, these last three coverings are the same in area. Thus, they can be totaled together: '600' times 3 = 1800 [= 5 x 360], and '660' + '60' (= 720) times 3 = 2160 [6 x 360], a total of 11 x 360. Thus, again, we have numbers associated with time since there are '360' days in a Bible-Prophecy year.

One final point: We said before that the average material used for the two curtains over top the Tabernacle (and the entrances) was 1290 square cubits. The Tabernacle itself was divided into two compartments: One-third was for the Most Holy Place, and the remaining two-third occupied the Holy Place. This implies that the 1290 (and, or, 1260/1320) can also be split up into the same one-third and two-third segments. 

[430 x 1] + [430 x 2] = 1290

Now it happens that they were, in like pattern, 430 years in Egypt, and 430 x 2 more years till they returned back again into Babylon and Egypt, (1876, 1446, 586 BC respectively).  This is significant because the Tabernacle dimensions were given to Moses by God in 1446 BC, and the temple was destroyed by God in 586 BC. (See, "The Writing on the Wall," for more. There are 1290 years between when they entered Egypt in 1876 BC, and when they entered Egypt again at the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC, Jer. 41-44.) 


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