The Temple and 1260 days of Bible Prophecy

The 100-square cubit veils that hung at the entrances
 to the tabernacle and the Most Holy Place within the tabernacle


About the implied, or at least idealized, size of the 2 veils,
which measurements are based upon the fact that the
front and back of the tabernacle was 10 by 10 cubits:


(Based on Exodus 26)


No other definite measurements are given concerning the entrance, so the 10 by 10 area of the curtain is assumed. But the fact that the total amount of linen thereby matches the total amount of material for the next curtain (goat skins, 1320 sq. cubits), strongly supports this assumption as  likely literally correct; but if not, then certainly idealistically speaking, remembering that the tabernacle is saturated with symbolism.

The tabernacle was 10 by 10 cubits at the entrance, thus making the first and second veil 100 sq. cubits. The inner veil would have hung from the clasps that connected the two-part linen curtain overtop the tabernacle. However, the entry veils may have been folded back to allow for the difference of the thickness of the paneling that surrounded the temple. This would be in accord with the 11th segment of the second curtain (goat hair) which was doubled back, and left to overhang at the entrance, likely to obscure the entrance. In the same way, the curtain veils may well have had extra material, folded, or left to hang, or both, for the very same reasons. 

Granted, there is a possibility that there may have been a one-cubit thick platform under the tabernacle since the linen curtain overtop the tabernacle fell short by the same. And perhaps the paneling was one-half cubit thick on the sides (a good guess). However, we can only be sure of one thing, namely, that the east and west sides were 10 by 10 sq. cubits, and that the measurements of the curtain veils naturally would follow suite, at least to the casual reader. And that, therefore, in order to compensate for any and all irregularities in tabernacle dimensions, the veils would have purposely been left to overhang for privacy, or sewn back for shapeliness, or both. And, yes, there is the possibility that neither was the case, and that the veils were entirely a slightly smaller measurement, and not folded back or left to overhang. But, even this would not change the use of the 100 sq. cubits in our study as understood idealistically. (After all, it is the only dimension given to us of certainly.)



Many chronological notations in the bible are likewise idealistic; figures rounded off. Such as the prophesied idealistic "fourth-generation" sojourn in Egypt, specified as "400 years" (100 x 4), (Genesis 15), but where we are later informed was literally 430 years, (Exodus12:40). Other examples could be sited, such as Noah's children, all "100" at the time of the flood, but where we are later told that Shem was actually an exact 102 at the flood, (Genesis 5:32; 7:6; 11:10). Again, Jesus said, "This generation will not pass away"---referring to the destruction of Jerusalem and Israel's dispersion, (Luke 21:20-33). However, this (initially) was fulfilled in two phases, once in AD 70, (which was exactly 40-years later---"a generation"), and the other in AD 135---(the final dispersion of Israel due to the Bar Chochba revolt), which was about 100 years later [also "a generation"]; however, literally speaking, the time span was 105 years, (AD 30 to AD 135).

Therefore, to likewise have the two veils at 100 (signifying "a generation"), but with the actual figure perhaps somewhat different, is entirely consistent with biblical methodology; (and how much so, then, in biblical typology). As you can see, "100" is often an approximate for a more exact figure in biblical numeric. This is not to say that searching for greater exactitude is wrong; only, we should be careful not to obscure the general in our quest for the exact. Always better to move from the general to the specific, I think, when it comes to symbolism in numbers and measurements. I have studied the use of numbers in the bible intensively for many years, and testify to this practice. 

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