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Jubilee and Grand Jubilee Cycles
(Nov. 4, 2005)


On Oct. 22, 1991, the Lord began opening the meaning of bible prophecy numbers to me. The study lasted seven years, putting in about 50 hours per week of intensive study. I have published a few of the things the Lord opened unto me on the internet (and is still opening unto me), but I have found this to be a difficult task. I enjoy explaining things face to face rather than in print, this way I can tell if I am being clear or not. 

One of the most important things the Lord showed me is how the jubilee and grand jubilee cycles work --- something He showed me 11 or 12 years ago, but I have been hindered from putting it out. I hope to do this now with God's help. ( I did respond to a letter on this subject a year and a half ago, but did not put it on net. Click here for that document as it may answer things here that I miss or simply do not wish to address so as to avoid too much complexity. Also see The "430" "490" days pattern," and on the forum see Those Amazing Jubilees!". For other related documents see home page.) I will make use of a 'conference' program to help explain this subject so that hopefully it will make things easier to grasp. I make no apologies as to saying that the Lord showed me these things, for He did. And this revelation is important as the time is near when all things will be fulfilled as spoken by all the prophets, that is, the end of the age.

I have showed in other documents how that there are several major numeric frames running through the history of the age. The history of man runs on three time frames: Cycles of 360 years; cycles of 430 years; and cycles of 490 years. I have spoken a fair amount in past documents of the first two, but only is a scattered way about the last one, that is, the 490-year cycles. This 490-year cycle is what I call, "A Grand Jubilee," since it is simply the 10th cycle of a regular 49-year cycle. These three types of cycles each have variations but for all its complexity they do not jostle one another but are woven together like a seamless garment. Together they testify to one person alone as Messiah, that is, Jesus (Yeshua) the Christ (Messiah). He is the end of all prophecy, numeric and narrative.

Whenever I have sat down to explain these things before it seems I always got bogged down in the details --- trying to answer questions that I knew would naturally arise in people minds. But this will not be my approach this time. I will simply state things as facts (that the learned reader would already be aware of) and leave those details to future articles. I want to get this word out and fulfill the responsibility the Lord gave me. Already there are hundreds of articles out explaining these things, and at times I will reference them.

Comprehensive Fulfillment of All Prophecies

Many have claimed to understand this or that aspect of the jubilee system. I am not here to spar with you. Time will prove all things. And many have understood bits and pieces of the whole to which I am indebted. But more importantly, these things are revealed now in answer to the many prayers of the saints over the past few thousand years for understanding into these matters.

The question natural arises: 

'How can we know that this is a true revelation about these things?'

Ask yourself this: 

Does it glorify Jesus Christ?

Is it all encompassing so that in one swipe it properly takes into consideration all the biblical texts that bear on this subject of the jubilees. (There are a number of prophecies and numeric that bears upon it.)

Does it continue on into the present?

As we shall see, the numeric key fits all doors, as do the 360 and 430 cycles. "Let everything be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses," (Deut. 17:6).


Question: Did I come up with the dates used for historic events on my own?

Answer: All dates used here are not those of my own devising, but are those commonly received by modern evangelical scholars. In dates after the fall of Israel (northern kingdom) these dates are also attested to by common secular sources as well. I am indebted to their painstaking chronological work.


One Thousand Years


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1150, 1260, 1290, and 1335 days"


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