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Ch. 1c, "Yes, it is I"


Chapter One 'C'

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What Do Bible-Prophecy
 Numbers Reveal?



Like the ever deepening river of Ezekiel’s vision (47:1-12), the following are revealed by the Bible-Prophecy numbers in the bible:


  1. The seven-year famine of Joseph overlaps the seven composite famine-years of the three sieges when aligned by the prophecy numbers found in the Book of Daniel.

  2. 1260 days years bible prophecy: Wheel with a wheel! The symbolic days-of-years (e.g. 1260 years) intersects literal days of the same value (e.g. 1260 days)––a large "wheel" intersecting a small (Ezekiel 1:16).

  3. The Bible divides the numbers (490, 1260, etc.), into two or three smaller sub-parts. The "time, times, and half-a-time," of Daniel 12:7 (i.e., 1-year, 2-years, and half-a-year) is the most well known. These sub-parts also connect with our epoch events!

  4. The writing style and construction of Isaiah 51:17–52:1 implements a mirror within the text itself. (See, "The BC/AD Mirror".)

  5. The above steps "1 to 3" continue into the A.D. era (i.e., after BC) and repeat themselves "as if in a mirror," similar to the Hebrew literary style of mirroring found in our text of Isaiah 51:17–52:1.

  6. There are two more completely different methods of "mirroring" using prophecy numbers that rally a total of three separate "witnesses" to the fact that there does indeed exists such a mirror. (The importance of the mirror is that it demonstrates Jesus to be the center of time, thereby proving who He is.)

  7. Once again the BC–AD mirror is crisscrossed, but now at the points of restoration, (rather than the ruins). The four famous decrees of restoration (Daniel 9:25) will demonstrate this.

  8. Prophecy numbers intersect both smaller and larger numbers of like kind, on both a one-tenth and a ten-times ratio. (Example, "490" intersects with 49 and/or 4,900, etc.)––a large "wheel" intersecting a small (Ezekiel 1:16).

  9. The numeric-patterns flow unceasing unto our present day.

  10. Moreover, a straightforward calculating (from the Bible) of the reigns of the kings of Judah, and of Israel, yield two new lines of idealistic dates that are grounded upon the actual dates. By them, all previous patterns are consistently and greatly enhanced.

  11. Amazingly, the ancient Jewish traditional dates for the entry into Egypt and the exodus etc., repeat these same marvels. 

  12. Most of the above is again repeated in part "B," except using the "one-day-is-as-a-thousand-years" principle of reckoning. Therefore, part "B" constitutes the great second major witness to "The Writing on the Wall," by maintaining in the same fashion "the testimony of Jesus" (Revelation 19:10).


Also see the amazing 360-calendar of the prophets. The 360-Calendar is perfectly compatible with all bible prophecy numbers, and keeps perfect time even over billions of years! And see the dimension of the tabernacle that also utilizes bible prophecy numbers, as do authentic bible codes. Hence, cosmology, tabernacle/temple dimensions, and encoded messages all utilize bible prophecy numbers. A proper understanding of bible prophecy numbers opens many doors of learning. All exalt their Creator---Jesus---the master mathematician!



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