Temple of Time!

The Tabernacle and 1260 days of Bible Prophecy, also 1290 days and 1335 days.

The Temple and the
1260 days of Bible Prophecy

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 Especially see,
Blood-Moon Lunar Tetrads
and Temple-Time: A Revelation


Examine the similarities between the linear measurements
 of the tabernacle/temple of Moses and Solomon,
 with the time frames used in Bible prophecy.

The tabernacle curtains
measured 1260 sq. cubits for the Holy Place,
and 1260 again for the Most Holy Place!

Also found in the curtains dimensions are the Bible-Prophecy numbers:
 1-12, 30, 40, 100, 120, 360, 390, 430,
 480, 490 (70 x 7), 1260, 1270, 1280, 1290, 1335, 2300,
and "time, times, and a half-time."

(Based on Exodus 26)

And, Overview of Other Bible Temples


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Tabernacle: Temple of Time


Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains

(Chart of measurements)


Tabernacle Curtains as 1320 and 1260 sq. cubits

(The tabernacle and the 1260 days of bible prophecy. Also, 1290 and 1335 days and years.)


Comparing Measurements of Tabernacle Curtains with Bible-Prophecy time spans

(Chart including brief explanation of symbolism of measurements)


Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains: Total material used


Measuring the Tabernacle Curtains: Detailed breakdown


Bible references that link the temple and tabernacle with time


Tabernacle: Is the curtain veil 100 sq. cubit? 

Was there a tabernacle platform?


Other Links Between Time and the Temple / Tabernacle


Measuring Ark of the Covenant


Overview of Other Bible Temples:
bulletSolomon's Temple
bulletEzekiel's Temple
bulletZerubbabel's Temple
bulletHerod's Temple
bulletNew Jerusalem
bulletAncient Babylon


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  Introduction  (Writing on the Wall)
Intro. a   A Secret Message
Intro. b   Purpose and Scope


  Chapter One  ("Yes It is I")
Ch. 1a   Ten Epoch Events  (Detailed
Ch. 1b   Seven-Year Famines
Ch. 1c  
What Prophecy Numbers Reveal

  Chapter Two ("How Long?")
Ch. 2a   General Meaning of "How Long?"
Ch. 2b   The Famine of Joseph
Ch. 2c   A-Day-Equals-a-Year
Ch. 2d   What are the Bible Prophecy Numbers?
Ch. 2e   390, 430, (1290), and the 1150
Ch. 2f    1260 days/years, 1290 days/years
Ch. 2g   3-years Bible-Prophecy, Solar, Lunar  (Detailed
Ch. 2h   T
ime, Times, and a Half-a-time (Detailed
Ch. 2i    1335 of Daniel and 430 of Ezekiel
Ch. 2j     (Endnotes 1-11)  and 2k  (Endnotes 12-23)

  Chapter Three ("The Mirror")

  In Chapter Four we discuss the principle that "Each day equals a consecutive year/date of time".    Still in rough form.

  Chapter Five, Jubilee & Grand Jubilee Cycles   (In rough)

The 360 calendar works in harmony with the Tabernacle and 1260 days of Bible Prophecy, also 1290 days and 1335 days.

4000-year Calendar

The ancient 360 day-year of the bible
 is shown to be more accurate than our modern calendar
 when regulated by simple biblical cycles of 40 and 4000 years!


The Writing on the Wall

Examines the fall of Babylon and Jerusalem numerically. It also relates to the 1260 days of Bible Prophecy.

Examines the fall of Babylon in its numeric
relationship to the fall of Jerusalem

Bible Code


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