Bible Prophecy Numbers

1260 days, 1290 days, 1335 Days

Are the Numbers in the Bible
 Hard to Understand?



Are the numbers in the bible hard to understand? 

I don't think so.

But they do take effort!

When the need to know comes, then comes the desire, and all will add up quickly. For really it is very easy to understand. 

I am praying that this revelation of Jesus in the prophecy numbers will be positioned to do what He has sent it forth to do. The main chart is easy to understand. It's like adding. To most it is a bore and therefore without a motive to know how to add most would not. To bye and sell one must know basic adding, so therefore people learn basic math. In the same way, the day will come when millions will inquire into the question 'How Long?' The Great Tribulation will be upon them. In that day the eyes of the blind will be opened. I must rest in that. I only know that the revelation of Jesus in the numbers is the thing God used to keep me from agnosticism. I have seen miracles, creationism apologetics, prophecy study, but only the numbers in the bible convince me that God is, and that Jesus is His Son. I know that there are many out there like me, and the work is for these, and for those to come who will endure persecution, and it is for a sign to the Jew: For Jesus (Yeshua) is the center of the prophecy numbers and of time.



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Theme: Exile and Tribulation

From the seven-year "world-wide" famine of Joseph,
until the falls of Egypt, Israel, Assyria, Judah, and Babylonia…

1878–1871 BC
Enter Egypt 1876


1446 BC

722 BC

612 BC

586 BC

539 BC

{4}  famine


Fall of

(i.e., exodus)

Fall of Israel


Fall of Assyria


Fall of Judah


Fall of Babylon


Total years later from famine -->


430 years

from famine

1150 years

from famine

1260 years

from famine

1290 years

from famine

1335 years

from famine



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