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Ch. 3a, "The BC/AD Mirror"


Chapter Three:
"In the Mirror"


What is the BC/AD Mirror?

Bible time frames behave as in a mirror! That is, BC and AD act like a mirror. For example, the mirror of the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC becomes AD 586 in the mirror, and so forth.

This does not mean that an equal event of significance occurs in its AD counterpart. It simply means that in order for the following patterns to occur, God had already predetermined before Christ that Christ's birth would commence the new era for counting years, even as it is today.


Why is it important?

In the past, men usually counted years commencing from when a king began his rule, and this was also true of Christ, for the wise men said at Jesus' birth, "Where is He that is born king of the Jews?" (Matt. 2:2, John 18:37, Rev. 21:5.) Thus, the mirror is an important prophecy given before Jesus Christ foretelling when Christ would be born this king. Because, in order for these awesome patterns to exist Jesus had to be born on the very year and day and hour that he was.

The mirror occurs at the traditional birth date of AD 1, Dec. 25, (the darkest day of the year and likely also at the darkest hour, Luke 2:8). Or, to be exact, the mirror is located on the day that He was named and circumcised, that is, "on the 8th day" (Luke 2:21). This 8th day, according to Jewish reckoning, began in the evening of Dec. 31, 1 BC, and lasted unto the evening of Jan. 1, AD 1. And thus, midnight of this day is the exact moment where the BC/AD mirror stands. 

(NOTE: 'Zero' is not calculated between BC and AD; therefore, subtract one year when counting the number of years that span between BC to AD --- a commonly know fact. For example, the number of years that elapse between 10 BC and AD 10 are 19 years, not 20.) 


Why is the Mirror on the Eighth-Day?

Significantly, Jesus not only was named on the 8th day, the number that symbolizes "a new beginning", but His very name numerically also adds up to 888. (Contrast Rev. 13:8 with the next verse.) It is obvious, then, why the 8th day from his birth is the timing of the mirror and not the first day. The first day represented the old creation, but the 8th day signified the new creation and is therefore the mirror for "the new era", "the beginning of the creation of God", (Rev. 3:14).

(Please note that the actual birth-year of Jesus was about four years earlier, but this, too, is extremely significant; however, this is not where the mirror is located. This is a good thing, for we do not know with certainty when the actual birth-date was, but rather in the providence of God men unwittingly choose the exact day numerically prophesied. Therefore, there are two reference points for the birth of Christ, the literal and the traditional, which only increases the breadth and scope of its numeric significance when studied closely. For example, see the maximum and minimum dates for the Creation of Adam.)




Examples of the Mirror

(Also see detailed list of these 
dates after this table)


Ten Epoch Events {1}

  1. Abraham enters Canaan  (2091 BC)

  2. Israel enters Egypt  (1876 BC)

  3. Israel leaves Egypt  (1446 BC)

  4. Fall of Israel  (725-721 BC)

  5. Near fall of Judah  (701 BC) 

  6. Fall of Assyria  (614-612 BC) 

  7. Fall of Judah  (589-586 BC)

  8. Fall of Babylon  (539-536 BC)

  9. Birth of Christ  (5 BC or 1 BC)

  10. Death of Christ  (AD 30)



In the following examples, we do not merely see one date connected to another by the mirror, but rather one entire event connected to another by the mirror, with each event lasting a few years. This increases the accuracy of the mirror considerably because now a timeframe must begin within a short margin of two related events and end within a similar margin of two related events, and not just one. (Example: 614 - 612 BC unto AD 537 - 539 are 1150 years, rather than just 612 BC to AD 539 only.) 

Moreover, the following timeframes are part of a much larger pattern that both precedes it and continues on after it up until our present day. Only God could create such a wonderful display of divine sovereignty.

Large Timeframes in the Mirror

(Bible numbers that form a 
half-a-seven-year period, as explained elsewhere.)


1150 years


From 614-612 BC unto AD 537-539 are 1150 years!
(AD 539 is the mirror of 539 BC, the fall of Babylon.)


From 539-537 BC unto AD 612-614 are 1150 years!
(AD 612 is the mirror of 612 BC, the fall of Assyria.)

(Thus, the sieges of Assyria and Babylon are numerically linked.)


1260 years


From 724- 722 BC unto AD 539-537 are 1260 years!  
AD 539 is the mirror of 539 BC, the fall of Babylon.)


From 539-537 BC unto AD 722-724 are also 1260 years!  
AD 722 is the mirror of 722 BC, the fall of Israel.)

(Thus, the sieges of Israel and of Babylon {and Israel's restoration} are numerically linked.)


1290 years


Beginning from the seven years that elapsed between Ezekiel's symbolic siege to that of the literal one by the Babylonians (593-586 BC) ... until the famous unsuccessful siege of Jerusalem by Babylon in 701 BC are 1290 years in the mirror.

From 593-586 BC unto AD 698-705 are 1290 years, with AD 701 dividing the seven years in half. 
(AD 701 is the mirror of 701 BC, the celebrated siege of Jerusalem when Hezekiah was king.) 


From 705-698 BC unto AD 586-593 are also 1290 years. 
(AD 586 is the mirror of 586 BC, the fall of Jerusalem.)  (Keep in mind that 1290 days is itself half seven-years. Thus, days are intersecting years of equal value.)

(Thus, the two famous sieges of Judah are linked.)

(This 1290 years is very complex, being itself 430 x 3. The siege of 701 BC is fully documented in three different Old Testament books, signifying its importance, 2Kings 18-20; 2Chron. 32; Isa. 36-39.)


1335 years 


From 724-722 BC unto AD 612-614 are 1335 years!
(AD 612 is the mirror of 612 BC, the fall of Assyria.)


From 614-612 BC unto AD 722-724 are also 1335 years!
(AD 722 is the mirror of 722 BC, the fall of Israel.)

(Thus, the sieges of Israel and Assyria are numerically linked.)



Therefore, all the above timeframes return back to where they first began --- at the seven-year famine of Joseph in the mirror (AD/BC 1871-1878)! 


Main Chart

Theme: Exile and Tribulation

From the seven-year "world-wide" famine of Joseph
until the falls of Egypt, Israel, Assyria, Judah, and Babylonia…

1878–1871 BC
Enter Egypt 1876


1446 BC

722 BC

612 BC

586 BC

539 BC



Fall of
(i.e., the Exodus)

Fall of

Fall of

Fall of

Fall of

Total years later from the famine -->



from famine


from famine


from famine



from famine



from famine


Chart Explained

From the seven-year famine of Joseph (1878-1871 BC), until the exodus in 1446 BC are 430 years; and again from the seven-year famine of Joseph in 1878-1871 BC unto the fall of Israel in 722 BC are 1150 years; and again from the seven-year famine of Joseph in 1878-1871 BC unto the fall of Assyria in 612 BC are 1260 years, etc...



Smaller Timeframes in the Mirror

(Bible numbers that are building blocks of the larger 
half-a-seven-year period, as explained elsewhere.)


(390 and 430 years. See Ezek. 4.) 


430 x 3 equals 1290, therefore also see the just discussed "1290 years".

Israel was "430 years in Egypt", (1876 BC to 1446 BC). 430 x 2 years later was the fall of Jerusalem and exile in 586 BC. (Thus, the theme of exile.)

Moses attempts to deliver Israel in 1486 BC, but instead himself goes into exile 40 years until the exodus in 1446 BC.

Note the eight alternating cycles of 390's and 430's:


1876 BC + 390 years = 1486/1485 BC,
+ 430 + 390 + 430 + 390 + 430 (= AD 586) + 390 + 430 = AD 1405/6.

(AD 1406 is the mirror of 1406 BC, which is the year Israel entered the Promised Land after coming out of Egypt 40-years earlier in 1446 BC. Also, AD 586 is the mirror of 586 BC, the fall of Jerusalem.)

1876 BC + 430 years = 1446/1445 BC,
+ 390 + 430 + 390 + 430 + 390 (= AD 586) + 430 + 390 = AD 1405/6.

(Thus, beginning either with 390 or 430 years from the entry into Egypt, both alternating patterns yield the same end-dates of AD 586 and AD 1406, which are the mirrors of the exile from the Promised Land and the entry into the Promised Land.)

As with all the other examples, the above pattern can also be reversed, except starting at 1406 BC, when Israel entered the Promised Land, and ending at AD 1876, the mirror of 1876 BC, when Israel entered Egypt for 430 years.


Why the one-year discrepancy? 

The pattern is close enough so as to be striking even if it were out one year; however, the difference can be largely accounted for anyway. For example, the tabernacle was built in 1445 BC, one year after the exodus in 1446 BC. Also, Joseph was a type of Jesus before whom every knee shall bow. It happens that the Jews bowed before Joseph in 1876 BC, but the Gentiles the next year in 1875. Ezekiel also tells us that the first exile arrived in Babylon in Dec. 586 BC or Jan. 585 BC. The point is that, arguably, the pattern holds true to the exact year and is not out the one year as seems at first glance.

This pattern also holds true for the fall of Jerusalem; because, 586/585 BC back to its mirror of AD 585/586 are 390 x 3 years! Note that Ezekiel laid siege symbolically to Jerusalem for 390 days (and 430 days). Ezekiel was a living portent of the 586 BC siege that occurred seven years after his symbolic one. 

There is more to this intricate pattern: it continues except using symbolic dates as discussed in Chapter Four, but for now this is enough information.

For more on this pattern, see the 390/430-year cycles from the Exodus to the mirror of the Exodus.



(490 years)


There are four possible decrees for when the 490 years of Daniel's prophecy in chapter nine begin. Each date has its proponents among bible scholars. However, it seems that each of them are part of a larger puzzle!

The 483/486½/490 days/years of Daniel 9 are arranged so as to cause the four dates for the "decree to rebuild the city/temple" (Dan. 9:24-27) to crisscross one another at 490 x 2 years back to each other in the mirror!

This astounding effect works because the average of all four decrees amount to 490 BC. (The birth of Christ is thus central, and agrees with Rev. 12).

538 BC, 519 BC, 458 BC, and 445 BC totaled = 1960,
divided by 4 = 490 BC.

See, "Jubilees and Grand Jubilees" where this awesome pattern is discussed in detail.



Moreover, the Creation and Flood dates also circle back unto itself in the mirror!

Also, there are examples of mirroring using the traditional Jewish dates for the exodus too.


Thus, all epoch dates from Creation to Christ are reflected in the BC/AD mirror!



The Times-1000-day Ratio and the Mirror

The mirror also holds true on the times-1000-day ratio. Lord willing, we will later explain all the above time frames again, except this time as "times 1000 days", (such as 1260 x 1000 days). For example, from Ezekiel's symbolic siege in 593-592 BC until the literal siege (except in the mirror as AD 589-586) are 430 x 1000 days (430,000 days.) Remember that Ezekiel was commanded to lay on his side 430 days to symbolically siege Jerusalem as a prophecy predicting the literal siege in 586 BC. (Also see, "The Mirror" in the Jewish Dating System.)


To continue, see Chapter Four



In Chapter Four we discuss the principle that "each day equals a consecutive year/date of time". As with chapter three, chapter four is already out in rough form.

Here is a rough draft of Chapter Four: Jubilee and Grand Jubilee Cycles  

(The 490-year cycles also continue perfectly into the "mirror"!)


Also see




Ten Epoch Events

(The dates used are common among modern scholarship, secular and religious alike. {2}  They are found in most modern commentaries and study Bibles. Importantly, they are not those of my own making.)



1.) Abraham enters Canaan: (2091 BC)

Abraham enters Canaan (and Egypt).
(Genesis 12:1-20; cf. 12:10 with Isaiah 52:4, see Isaiah 29:22, "…Who redeemed Abraham"), 2091 BC.

2.) Israel enters Egypt: (1876 BC)

Israel enters Egypt exactly "430 years," ( Exodus 12:41), spr. 1876 BC until spr. 1446 BC.
(See Isaiah 51:9-13 for reference to Egypt’s shattering).

3) Israel leaves Egypt: (1446 BC)

 (See above, 1446 BC

4) Fall of Israel (725-721 BC {or 722})

Assyria conquers Samaria, the capital of Israel, (i.e., the Northern Kingdom). The siege (likely) lasted a little more than three years, 725 to early 721 BC.{3} 

5) Near fall of Judah (701 BC)

When Nineveh was the capital of Assyria, it virtually wiped out the Southern Kingdom of Judah as well, (701 BC), but Jerusalem was spared––for a time (Isaiah 36-39).

6) Fall of Assyria: (614-612 BC) 

Assyria’s ancient capital of Ashur, and Nimrud (the capital at the time of Samaria’s fall), and Nineveh (the capital after that), all fell to the Babylonians and the Persians between 614-612 BC, "effectively putting an end to the Assyrian empire."{4}

7.) Fall of Judah: (589-586 BC)

Babylonia conquers Jerusalem, the capital of Judah. The full siege lasts 945 days{5}, 589/8–586 BC.{6}

8.) Fall of Babylon: (539-536 BC)

Persia conquers Babylon in Oct. 539 BC. From 538 to spr. 536, Jews leave Babylon and begin to re-build the temple.

Fall of Persia: {Persia falls to Greece in 334–330 BC. See note{7}}

9.) Birth of "Suffering Servant" (5 BC or 1 BC)

"He was numbered with the transgressors," (Isaiah 53:12b, cf. 52:13–53:12).
Jesus was born about 5 BC, (but Dec. 25th 1 BC according to tradition).

10.) Death of "Suffering Servant" (AD 30)

His ministry lasted 3½ years, aut. AD 26 to spr. AD 30; (although according to tradition the spr. of AD 30 is ironically when Jesus began His ministry instead!){8}


To last part of chapter one:
"What do Bible Prophecy Numbers Reveal?"





Chapter Four and Five are under construction:

In Chapter Four we discuss the principle that "each day equals a consecutive year/date of time". As with chapter three, chapter four is already out in rough form.

Here is a rough draft of Chapter Four: Jubilee and Grand Jubilee Cycles  

(The 490-year cycles also continue perfectly into the "mirror"!)

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